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Dear Dr. Narayan,
Thanks so much you were more than kind people like you aren’t easy to find! But we are Lucky we found you.
You are a great Administrator, an Ideal Teacher & a gem of your own very special kind.
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Fayyaz & NuzhatParents

We wish to express our sincere thanks and appreciation for improving and making a great difference in Sabreen’s knowledge and marks. She has improved in her homework habits and in schoolwork. Her average mark went from a B to an A, all thanks to your help in giving her a boost with your Learna program. Since you have made an excellent improvement we would love to advise other parents who are not happy with their children’s marks and would like them to improve and actually see the difference if they put in half the effort by bringing them to Learna.

Gurdip and Amanjit Gill Parents

Dear Meadowvale Learna Staff,
We are very pleased to advise you that our son Zareef’s grades have improved a lot since he joined Learna. Your program has helped him to acquire the knowledge and the skills he needs to be successful. Lately he is bringing home very good marks like A in Mathematics and B in English. We thank you for all of your help and support.
Hassan and FazanaParents

Dear Mr. Regmi & Mrs. Roma
I take this opportunity to thank you for all the help and support you gave me, which boosted my math marks from an A to an A+. Learna really gave me a head start, and an academic edge. Your program was lots of fun (especially the games!). So I would once again like to thank you for your help!
Avjit MenonStudent

Mrs. Roma, Mrs. Fatimah, and Mr. Narayan.
Thank you a lot for helping me get good marks on my report card. You guys also taught me new math skills and English skills. You have been the best teachers ever. Because of you I have been getting an A+ on my report card. Thank you so much for providing me with your help and helping me to do better in class. My parents and my teacher are really proud of me and I am proud of myself too. Learna is the best!

Umair Omar Grade 6Student

Hi, I got selection for the Sci-Tech Program (Grade 9 Academic) at Port Credit Secondary School. I would like to thank Mr. Narayan and Mrs. Roma in guiding & helping me in English and Math.


Dear Learna Teachers,
Thank you for all your help throughout the school year. I appreciate the information and skills you have taught me. You have been really helpful throughout the 2010/2011 school year.
Kaitlin Lombardi Grade 5Student

Dear Mrs. Roma, Mrs. Fatehmah and Dr. Narayan,
My marks went up and I am very happy. Thank you very much for teaching me new things.
Sabah Grade 4Student

Mrs Fatima and Mrs Roma I would like to thank Mrs Roma and Mrs. Fatima for helping me get great marks. My math/english has improved so much because of them. My parents are also very proud of me and most of all I’m proud of myself. Since I’ve started here I’ve been doing much better. In general you guys are very nice to me and have always been there to help me out. In other words you guys are like my mom always caring, loving, nice and helpful. Even though you guys are annoying at time and don’t listen to me at times but I still LOVE YOU GUYS ALOT! It’s great to have such good teachers like the two of you. At the end, I would just like to Thank you and I appreciate whatever you guys have done for me and hopefully later on in life you are there to help me out! Also, a very big Thanks to Mr.Narayan Regmi
Maha Nadeem Grade 7Student