Wide variety of programs

Mississauga Learna provides a wide variety of tutoring programs based on Ontario Curriculum for all age groups from preschool to high school.

The Mississauga Learna Curriculum is based on the Ontario Curriculum as prescribed by the Ministry of Education, Ontario. Learna Mississauga  curriculum is kept current, relevant and age-appropriate and reflects all the changes in the Ontario Curriculum.

Math – English – French – Science – Calculus – Advanced Functions – Physics – Biology – Chemistry – Accounting Basic Program just to name a few.

    • MATH

      The mathematics section of our program comprises five components of mathematics – Number Sense & Numeration, Measurement, Geometry & Spatial Sense, Patterning and Algebra, and Data Management & Probability.


      We recognize that an ability to read, write and speak in English is a critical area in ensuring student success in school and elsewhere. Our focus is on helping students develop strong reading, writing, speaking and listening skills.

    • FRENCH

      There are three French as a Second Language (FSL) programs in Ontario schools, namely Core French, Extended French and French Immersion, and we provide tutoring for all these programs.


      Mississauga Learna provides Science tutoring for all grades.  In addition we also provide guidance and help with project work and assignments.


      High school students attend tutoring sessions according to the subject in which they require help. Students study Math, English, Science, Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Calculus, Functions, Advanced Functions, Vectors, Data Management and Accounting.


      The individualized tutoring is designed to ensure that students get maximum, one-on-one quality time with a teacher along with the required computer time, if necessary. The typical teacher-to-student ratio for individualized programs is 1:2 (or a maximum of 1:3). This program is recommended for high school students, and those with lower grades who need extra help and more attention from the teacher.

Under a standard plan, students come twice a week and spend one hour per session. Therefore, the total no. of hours per week is 2 hours for one subject (unit) and 4 hours for two subjects (units). The guaranteed minimum class time per month is 8 hours for one subject and 16 hours for two subjects.

  • Private Tutoring Program

    In addition to the individualized program, we also provide private, one-on-one tutoring classes at the Center, or at student’s home, depending upon agreed arrangements. This is an intensive program. This program is recommended, but not limited to Grades 11, 12 and University students.

  • Summer Camps

    When you come to Mississauga Learna Centre, we give a placement test to your child so that we can pinpoint the strength and weaknesses of the student immediately and suggest the appropriate program accordingly. Please contact us to discuss any Curricular or extra curricular goal you might have for your child.

Mississauga Learna Advantage: Maximize Strengths, Minimize Weaknesses

We believe that strong literacy and numeracy skills are the critical foundation for ultimate academic achievement and for lifetime success.

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