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Introduction to Mississauga Learna

Ontario Ministry of Education curriculum-based supplementary tutoring and learning centre


At Mississauga Learna, your child’s education comes first. Our teachers, most of whom are Ontario Certified, are committed to go extra step to ensure your child understands the concepts that are being taught at his/her school and at Mississauga Learna. Every year, several of our students secure admission into IB, IBT and Sci-Tech Programs. In short, our students do better in school!


Our curriculum is uniquely customized to meet each child’s individual learning needs

With ever decreasing funding for schools and increasing class sizes, not enough attention is paid to each student’s individual learning abilities in regular public-school classrooms. Consequently, many students, advanced as well as those who struggle, feel left out by the system and rely upon supplementary resources for remedial help and enrichment. Therefore, we have created a state-of-the-art curriculum-based educational program that is catered to each child’s individual needs.

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Learning centre with qualified teachers, innovative teaching-learning materials, and proven educational methodology that produce results

Mississauga Learna is a curriculum-based supplementary tutoring and learning centre which deploys the expertise of highly-qualified teachers. The Mississauga Learna Program is developed here in Mississauga by experienced educators in conjunction with educational professionals who have had years of research in the education field. Learna provides customized programs, ranging from IEP to programs for gifted pupils, in order to accommodate all levels of students’ learning abilities. In additional to highly-qualified, certified teachers, Mississauga Learna also utilizes innovative and adaptive educational software, coupled with conventional paper-and-pen techniques, to teach various subjects for K-Grade 12.


The Mississauga Learna Method:

The Mississauga Learna Method is a laddering approach in which students learn the concepts through curriculum-based activities and progress through the system one level at a time at their own pace, with the help of our highly-qualified teachers. Individualized homework assignments are provided to complement their in-class learning. The Mississauga Learna Method is flexible and benefits children at all skill levels. Our program ensures that no child is left behind or feels left out, as it is individualized and interactive to ensure a positive learning environment.

We believe that: 

  1. Every child is unique in his or her learning capabilities
  2. Children have an innate desire to achieve high standards and to do their best
  3. Children will strive to reach a goal when motivated and rewarded
  4. Learning should be intuitive and exciting


We are committed to:

  • Discovering each child’s unique learning pattern, strengths, weaknesses
  • Providing children with activities that match their learning abilities
  • Communicating continual feedback to students and parents
  • Teaching children in a technology-oriented environment to prepare them for the future

Tangible result

True learning stems from both understanding and applying theoretical concepts to the real-world situations. While many of us grew up hearing “practice makes perfect”, the research suggest practice drills may only help students remember facts. The Mississauga Learna method goes a step further by focusing on understanding and application rather than drilling information. To learn more about the Learna tutoring techniques, please call us at (905) 785-9889.

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Important features of the Mississauga Learna method are:

    • It adapts instantly to the learning strengths and weaknesses of each child
    • It encourages each child to follow his/her own learning path to success
    • It focuses on problem solving, reading and writing
    • It provides quality supplemental educational services to ensure that your child improves grades at school and at Learna
    • Upon completion of each lesson, students are provided with printed worksheets to practice at home

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Give your child the gift of the guaranteed Mississauga Learna Education experience today. For more information, please contact Narayan or any other staff at (905)-785-9889 or Lessons@MississaugaLearna.Ca